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Salam and good evening to all.............

this is my first entry in my first ever blog............i had wanted to have my own blog coz i always believe i can write...masa madam di sekolah menengah dulu, my teacher said..
siti, use your gift of the gab to persuade your friends to join in the trip". madam diam je sebab tak faham apa tu " gift of the gab"..sampai rumah je, terus reached for my dictionary and i realised that it means " a person who has a way with words, who speaks well etc...". cerita ni bukan untuk menunjuk how good i was at school but to remind all my past, present and future students to always make the dictionary your best friend..........bak kata phua chu kang untill when when / sampai bila-bila.

so i am making the assumption that since i am a pretty good speaker then i should be able to write pretty well and able sustain the interest and attention of readers of my blog, inshaAllah...

the most recent issue that catch my attention and i hope yours too is the "procedure to complaint"...makna nya, seandainya kita rasa kita telah dianiaya atau teraniaya, nak buat apa seterusnya??

let me tell you that as far as i am concerned, the main reason why the delivery service and other types of services di negara kita yang merangkumi servis di bank / supermarket / kedai makan / hotel / hospital / tren / bas / airport / sekolah / asrama dan sebagainya kurang memuaskan ialah di sebabkan oleh mentality / culture kita yang memandang rendah / disapprove the act of "complaining"...but i say we SHOULD initiate a complaint if we feel that an INJUSTICE has been done to us.

recently someone came to me and said that her teacher had given her "zero" for an assignment which carried 15% of her coursework for the reason that it was submitted 30 minutes after the deadline ...wow..i thought "30 minutes cost you 15 marks? thats a lot" worse still was that she claimed she was not even late in submitting the assignment but the teacher came in late and made some assumptions, whatever......

if you were in that situation, immediately see the teacher concerned and request, in a sweet way an explanation why you were given zero..if she said because it came late and refused to entertain you further, go and see the coordinator / head of department / academic advisor or anyone in a position to intervene / mediate for help.....on the following grounds:

  • that you were not late - provide evidence / witness 
  • that you must be given the right to defend yourself 
  • that the benefit of the doubt should be in your favour
  •  that even if you are guilty, the punishment tak setimpal with the offence 
remember to settle this issue before your final paper so that appropriate action could be taken to correct the teacher's action....this applies also to other situations like when a teacher claimed she misplaced / lost your assignment / answer booklet, she discriminates because you remind her of her step-father or maybe she suffers from some explainable illness....

the importance of making a complaint is so that the service provider (in this case a teacher) will be more careful next time when punishing pupils.....anyway we are here to EDUCATE and not to MUTILATE you...

i realised that places where there are constant complaints tend to improve and progress faster then a place where the clients / end-users are resigned to poor service..please distinguish between COMPLAINT and REPORT....in a complaint you are expected to provide your side of the story and defence whereas a report usually contains allegations which are not substantiated........ok yang tak faham tu apa lagi.....bukak lah dictionary!!


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